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091011-001 Measuring Strength of Araldite Epoxy glue
Date 11th October 2009
Tested by GK
Location Sydney, Australia
Test Procedure Standard 1cm x 1cm glue strength test
References N/A


  • To measure the strength of Araldite super strength 2 part epoxy glue using the standard 1cm x 1cm test on PET plastic.

Experiment Setup

The samples were lightly sanded before gluing. The samples were allowed to fully cure for 3 weeks. The standard procedure was used to measure the strength of the glue. Five samples were tested altogether.


Araldite glue tested
Samples before testing
Samples after testing

The following results were obtained from the experiment:

Sample Breaking Weight (Kg)
1 31.9
2 29.8
3 35.95
4 28.1
5 29.65
Average 31.08

Conclusions / Analysis

  • The glue appeared to hold very well to the PET plastic. The mode of failure in all 5 samples appeared to be a very slow delaminating from the top of the overlap to the bottom. The sample failed when the delamination reached about half way down the sample. None of the PET plastic strips failed during these tests.
  • While this glue appeared to hold very well to PET, it is unknown how well this glue would hold in a splice, or with repeated impacts of the splice with the ground. Follow on tests are required.

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