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090802-001 Camera Comparison
Date 2nd August 2009
Tested by GK
Location Sydney, Australia
Test Procedure Camera Comparison
References N/A


  • Compare the FlyCamOne2 and MD-80 video cameras.

Experiment Setup

The normal camera comparison procedure was used. Both cameras were attached to a single piece of wood and recordings were taken at the same time of the same objects.


The FlyCamOne2 was compared to MD-80 camera. Following are a number of comparison images taken from the two cameras at the same time.

Comparison of colour and image quality:



Rotation of camera around focal axis reveals the amount of distortion due to scan rate while in rapid rotation:



Difference showing the variation of intensity from the center out to edges:



Low light comparison. These images were shot at night with only normal incandescent light bulb lighting the room:




Here is a side by side comparison of the two cameras:

FCO2 and MD-80 compared

Conclusion / Analysis:

The following pros and cons are based on a subjective assessment of the two cameras:

MD - 80 FlyCamOne V2
Pros Cons Pros Cons
Small size Lower image quality Movable camera head Audio sync issues
No battery issues Lower frame rate Can take still as well as video Drops frames
No audio sync issues   Better image quality Battery capacity issues
Simple operation   Faster frame rate Poor performance in low light conditions.
Solid alloy case   More functionality  
Good low light response      

Both cameras are well suited for water rockets. Overall the FlyCamOne has better image quality but can suffer from battery issues that can cause the camera to stop recording early. Although the MD-80 has lower image quality, it is far more compact and more robust making it a good choice when used with water rockets. The frame rate as reported in Windows / properties on the AVI file ranged from 19-20fps. And data rate at 460-490kbps.

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