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Day 176 - 10 Years

Date: 4th June 2006 - 4th June 2016
Location: Australia wide
Conditions: Great
Members: PK, GK, Paul K and John K

This week we celebrated our 10 year rocket anniversary since our first bottle rocket flight in the back yard. It's been a fun journey so far building and flying rockets with dad and the boys. but what has made it the most enjoyable have been the people we've met along the way whether in person or just on-line. We would like to thank both the water and pyro rocket communities for their great support, it's been very inspirational to see what individuals as well as teams can achieve with a lot of dedication. We would especially like to thank the following: NSW Rocketry Association, AMRS, QRS, WARS and Rockerty Victoria.

Video Highlights

Here is a quick summary from our flight log of what we got up to in the last 10 years:

Then and Now

Here are a few pictures from 2006 and 2016:



What's Next?

We are looking forward to re-flying the full Polaron G2 rocket again in September if the weather co-operates this time. We've also got 2 new higher power projects in the works and the full build logs will again be published soon.

Thanks again for your great support!