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Each flight log entry usually represents a launch or test day, and describes the events that took place.
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Day 117 - Water and Pyro
Axion II set up to do HD #16 cam test flights.
Launched at 120psi.
Comes in for a gentle landing.
Panorama composed of 3 images captured from the on-board camera.
Just landed.
Ready to be set up for another flight.
Wiring up the ignitor for Paul's Flygon.
Flygon on the pad. (gold rocket)
It flew very high on a D12-7
And landed gently under streamer.
Adding a wire that hooks through the camera housing for added security.
Ready for launch #2
Frame from on-board video.
Landed close to the pad.
Attempting to get an old rocket from the tree.
It is stuck about 20 meters above ground.

Date:  31st March 2012
Doonside, Australia
 26C, partly cloudy light breeze
Team Members at Event:
PK, Paul K and GK

I've had a lot of non-rocket related projects and kids activities to catch up on over the last couple of months so rocket development has been very slow. This weekend was nice launch weather again so we took a couple of the smaller rockets flying. Last month Brian pointed out ( that a new #16 HD camera has become available with more options than the #11 and as we were in need of a replacement for the one we damaged in the Shadow's crash we decided to buy one. Here is more information on the camera:
We used the smaller rockets to do a couple of test flights with the camera. Both flights went well and were launched at 120psi. The parachutes also deployed right at apogee. The video from the camera was very good quality and looked like it ran smoothly, however, there was one major problem. After landing the rocket was picked up and while still recording the video frame froze, and the audio started being intermittent and you could hear static, but the camera was still recording until turned off.
On the second flight, the video did that as well but this time just after apogee so we ended up with only the ascent part of the flight and the last frame looking back at the open parachute. The camera again recorded for the full amount of time with a frozen video frame and mostly static recorded on the audio.
The camera was fully charged, and happily recorded video again after we removed it from the rocket but again only for about 1.5 minutes. I don't think it is vibration related, though both faults occurred soon after landing and soon after ejection. It may be a faulty camera, or potentially a problem with the SD card, or potentially a problem with this model. We'll need to do some tests on the camera to try to narrow down the issue. Otherwise I was pretty happy with the visual quality of the video and good frame rate. I have ordered some new Class 4 SD cards so I will try those with it, and perhaps also the new firmware to see if the problem is fixed.
The timestamp is also very small which makes it much more useful to leave on the video, though this camera allows you to turn it on and off through a configuration file and without needing new firmware.
Paul also got to launch his Flygon (Aspire) rocket a couple of times on a D12-7. The flights went very high and straight and landed well under streamer. One of the flights even went into the cloud. We used a streamer rather than a parachute to stop it drifting too far.
We also had a go at getting one of our rockets out of the tree that has been stuck there for a few months. The rocket is about 20 meters up so a ladder or a pole are out of the question. We managed to get a fishing line over the branch that the rocket is hanging on, and pulled a nylon line over the top of it, and then a heavier rope. But try as we might we did not manage to break the branch and in the end the rope broke instead. We'll have to try again at a later stage.

Flight Details

Launch Details
Rocket   Axion II
Pressure   120 psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1200mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 4 seconds
Payload   HD cam #16
Altitude / Time   ? / 22.9 seconds
Notes   Very good flight with parachute deployment at apogee. Good landing. Camera recorded flight.
Rocket   Flygon (Paul's Aspire)
Motor   D12-7
Altitude / Time   ? / 39.7 seconds
Notes   Great straight flight with streamer deployed just past apogee. It went very high.  
Rocket   Axion II
Pressure   120 psi
Nozzle   9mm
Water   1200mL
Flight Computer   ST II - 4 seconds
Payload   HD cam #16
Altitude / Time   ? / 18.5 seconds
Notes   Very good flight with parachute deployment at apogee. Good landing. Camera recorded only half the flight.
Rocket   Flygon (Paul's Aspire)
Motor   D12-7
Altitude / Time   ? / 39 seconds
Notes   Great straight flight with streamer deployed just past apogee. It went very high through the cloud.



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